January 19, 2019

Proof: Are we real or scam?

Making fake ids in the US is an impossible task. The business involves two parties; a buyer and a seller. From a buyer’s point of view, you are exposing your vital and private information to some stranger. While the seller of a forged ID has to go through the sensitive process of manufacturing and then sending them to you; without getting seized by the US Customs and, then confiscated by a person where you use it. In the last decade, many foolish people involved in the business of making these within the US were either caught or stopped from doing so. This only means ONE thing which means you can’t make fake ids in the United States.


We know that you are here to purchase a fake license for a celebratory occasion such as Birthdays, weekend fun with your friends or getting a sip of alcohol. However, the process of buying a fake id raises more questions than answers. One of the main questions should be;

How do you believe that we are a legitimate and verified provider?

To convince a buyer by giving them suitable reasons is no easy task. That is why we ask you to scroll through our gallery of fake ids that we created only to provide customer-proof. We currently fake over 20+ state licenses. Our website has a specific sample page for each ID. If you want to know whether a website that makes forgeries is legit or not then, you must examine their ID samples.

The “VERIFIED” and, “ACTUAL” ones will have the initial and last Name of the Sample matching to their company’s name. For instance, every ID that we make has “PREMIUM” and “FAKES” embossed to make an illustration of our proof. We have listed random images from every state in our gallery below. You can also view our “SHOP” page to see specific images of any license that you would like. These images are take under different light sources and position. From demonstrating ultraviolet elements in our licenses to exposing hidden appearances under Black light; each photo tells you the quality that we bestow upon our products. 


Click on any photo to magnify and zoom in. You can view them by clicking and then sliding them one by one.


We are a business that involves Chinese local industry in forgeries and, which has access to every element in a domestic boundary. The ease of getting premium supplies for any fake driving license or state ID is very vital to the success of this business.

Jason Lee, Our “Stock Supplier” in Wenzhou, China, has a team dedicated to the task of obtaining Hologram sleeves for our IDs. When it comes to ultraviolet ink, we have a source in the printing industry that supplies us with almost the same serial number of the printing ink that the DMV in the US uses.

The printing equipment in place excels in the techniques of altering your license. Our “CARD STOCK” importers supply us with the exact thickness as required. The laminates of our IDs will absorb the ultraviolet and invisible ink quickly to avoid dirt sticking to it. In the year 2017, we ran through a template-revamp process during which we altered the designs of over 20 newly released templates. Hence, any ID that we will export to you will match the look of the DMV issued licenses in the year 2019.

Bar code programming is a complex task. Our Code-to-Scan team makes sure that their software generating the 2D and 1D codes on your ID has the same formatting as the ones used by the DMV. That is not all, we use different teams for each state. Hence, there will be a zero percent chance that our encoded license will not pass anywhere.

The scanning process involves a number of applications to mention a few “PDF-417” and, “ScannR” allows us to practically test each ID like a Bouncer or scan software. None of our IDs go through the shipping process before we digitally test and verify the status of the Scannable process.