Florida Fake ID

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Buying a premium version of the fake Florida ID had never been easier. It comes with the following features.

Design – We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our Florida IDs.

Printing – The bendable Teslin.

Graphical Features:

  • A real id Golden star indicates the license is federally compliant.
  • The words “ARRIVE ALIVE” and, “THE SUNSHINE STATE” micro-printed on the front.
  • The phrase “In God We Trust Florida” on the front.
  • A green “PALM TREE” on the top of the primary cardholder photo.
  • The “GREAT SEAL OF FLORIDA” on the left.

ID Card Functions:

  • Laminates –  We use lamination for this ID that comes with 90-degree sharp-cut edges.
  • Drop Test – It sounds like a metallic object when dropped on the floor because of the rigidness of Polycarbonate on which we print it.
  • Windows – The lower right side which has the duplicate mini-portrait of the Florida license-holder. It changes the color from Gold to clear when backlit.
  • OVD – The new “FL” comes with optically variable data which becomes visible when viewed at an angled position.
  • It comes with an additional mini-photo of the cardholder on the back and contains the DOB.
  • Guilloche – The “1845” and “FL” symbols on the back.
  • We clone the most important part of this license; Optically variable printed ghost image of the Florida cardholder to utmost precision.

Ultraviolet Elements:

  • By testing it with a 365-nanometer Blacklight source, it will expose the ultraviolet printed elements on the front. Which includes the repeating “FL” patterns diagonally on two sides of the front.
  • It will expose the first letters of your initial and last name along with the last two digits of the birth year on the top of the duplicate photo in UV ink.

Does it Scan?

  • A magstripe that has the ability to swipe in a reading scanner and confirm your credentials for scanning purposes.
  • The 2D QR barcode will contain the license data and upon scanning this code will confirm your initials.


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The glossy and shiny touch to our Florida ID cards will remain a hot asset for the young ones in the South and East coast. When you hold our fake license in your hands they will give you that real feeling which provides you further confidence in using them at gas stations, clubs, or casino bars in Miami. Send us your photo and let us create a product that will exceed the perfection required to impress you. The crisp lines and the custom OVI in this ID card makes it one hell of an asset for underaged people who want to drink liquor. We started making these a year back and so far have received almost zero complaints regarding their passing of any validation tests. So, get yourself a 12-digit professionally formatted license of this state and do whatever you want to do man.

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