California Fake ID

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Buying a premium version of the fake California ID had never been easier. It comes with the following features.

Design – We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our California IDs.

Printing – The bendable Polycarbonate.

Graphical Features: 

  • A Golden Grizzly Bear with a white star in the upper right indicating real id.
  • A pale, colored illustration of a Gold Forty-Niner Miner.
  • The illustration of the California state running through the background in the middle of the ID card.
  • Golden Poppies, The California state flower can be seen under the signature.
  • An emblem hologram in the center with OVI and is vibrant enough.
  • The California State Seal with a holographic overlay.

ID Card Functions:

  • A signature on the back of the ID card.
  • Raised-Text printing.
  • Laser-perforation holes into the cardstock.
  • Micro-printed headers through the front.

Ultraviolet Elements:

  • The DOB in UV ink overlapping the primary photo.
  • A sail-boat in the lower bottom.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower illuminate under blacklight.
  • A duplicate photo of the cardholder.

Does it Scan?

  • A magnetic stripe that contains the cardholder credentials.
  • 2D Barcodes encoded with scannable information.


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This license is very popular among the drinking bars. The confiscation ratio for it is also on the higher side. Hence, if you are looking to get a high-quality replica of an actual CA license then we will deliver it to you. Our templates are flawless and are practically tested and inspected by our hired professionals which include Bouncers, Bartenders, and many other forensic experts. We reproduce each function from the very beginning and then gather the elements required using the most skilled workers in this industry. Our facility in China is currently shipping thousands of discreet packages containing these licenses for our customers at a tremendous pace and never have our fake ids let anyone down.

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