January 20, 2019

Our Fake ID Reviews

Normally when you look for an in-depth and unbiased review of a product, you are looking for a genuine perception of a customer that contributes to sharing the knowledge to other shoppers. The fake id market has a different syllabus regarding customer feedback. It lacks honest investigation and the quality writers because the product itself is not a very popular one among the legal boundaries.

If you are opting to read reports from actual customers that have used our products then, this page will explain the points on how to calculate the precision and legitimacy of our fake ids.

  • Fake ID Blogs: Gone are the days when Reddit used to be a hub for

    Screenshot of a Review by our Ohio customer. Click to Zoom in.

    novelty id marketers. Nowadays, The social medium prohibits sales or discussions related to fake ids. As of now, it is only used by scammers to post reviews forthemselves. The channel /r/fakeid was a popular hotspot for the young ones to discuss flaws and scam sites in this niche. However, once it got banned then, new Blogs appeared in the search results.

  • The people behind these sites are the same that used to run the Reddit channels. Our website name “PremiumFakes.com Review

    Screenshot of customer with Mississippi ID. Click to Zoom in.

    stands for quality. You will find several real reviews of our products from actual people. However, you can not trust every Blog; there are ones that promoteSCAM FAKE ID WEBSITES” and, most of them are run by one person.


  • Look for on-site Proof: If you come across a website that claims to be selling fake ids; then the first step you can make it ask yourself;

“What kind of compelling proof do they Offer?” and, “Do They Actually Make Fake IDs?”


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So, if you browse further you will find pages on their site and find on-site proof. This includes sources of the fakes that they have made to provide –customer satisfaction evidence– in the form of images that has “Initial and last Names” as the provider’s name. For example, all our IDs come with “PREMIUM” and, “FAKES.COM” as a signature and initials. You can find our several samples and real ids that we have printed on our “Gallery” page. However, your finished product will have your personal credentials given to us during your order form.

Please watch our Video below which shows our stealth methods, printing staff and real IDs going under different printing and dispatch processes.


We also provide Video evidence to our visitors to convince them regarding our fake ids. The valued trust that we built with our customers through a successful buying and, delivering process is not just confined to a single purchase. Our staff values your money and makes sure that you get the best out of our products. Our Video features different state fake ids going through different stages and highlights the UV, and normal positions to convince you how great and effective our products turn out to be. So, when you buy from us; you will be fully compensated for your valuable funds.