January 23, 2019

Ordering Process of your Fake ID

Whether you are looking to place order for a group or individual fake id. The ordering process at “Premium Fakes” is more convenient than any other website. We provide a platform to our customers where you feel safe and, your information remains encrypted on a Secured Layer Protocol. We want you to remain anonymous while paying us. Even though our transactions are 100% safe but we are still cautious and, value how your information should be erased once your order gets processed.

Read the pricing of our IDs in this table and, calculate your total with the help of it. Then you may proceed below to select a payment option and submit your form.




1 to 2 IDS  -  $100 PER ID

3 to 4 IDs  -  $80  PER ID

4 to 10 IDs  -  $65 PER ID

10 to 20 IDs  -  $55 PER ID

20+ IDs  -    $45 PER ID

All state licenses are priced 100 USD each.

You will get a free duplicate regardless of how many IDs you order.

Note: If you want your ID quickly then you may have to pay $50 extra for rush shipping. So, 

once you calculate your total price from this table. You can add 50 USD to your existing total for
"Rush shipping."

For instance; if you are ordering 4 IDs that means

your total will be $320 with "Standard shipping" which is free but,

if you want "Rush shipping" then your total will be $320 + 50

Once you calculate your total amount from this table then,

you may go to one of the order forms below to submit your order.

How to Buy Fake IDs From Us?

Our pricing is mentioned in the table above. Calculating the price of your purchase is easy with the help of it. Once you calculate you may proceed by filling the order form for a single or multiple fake ids. Therefore, we accept four payment options from our worldwide customers at the moment. You can “Click on one of them” below and, it will take you to their respective order forms

1). Western Union  2).   MoneyGram 3).  Amazon Gift   4).   Bitcoin