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Website Oldironsidesfakes.ph
Starting Price $80-100 / ID
Founded 2012
Services Counterfeit USA, UK Licenses.
Shipping Location HONG KONG
Ranking #5
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Starting price per ID


OldIronSidesFakes Review: In a Nutshell

The main purpose of getting a fake ID is so that you can buy all the booze you want, but why bother using it when the quality is so low that even the most lenient bouncer can spot it a mile away? There are many companies online that sell fake IDs, and one of them is OldIronSidesfakes.ph.

The main problem with this vendor is that its products are not up to par. You will be highly disappointed with the fake ID you receive, which is why we recommend you skip this company altogether. The worst part is that it does not offer any reprints, so your money basically goes down the drain.

Compared to the pricing of other companies in the market, this website is a bit on the expensive side. The pricing varies depending on the state, country and type of fake ID you order. The lowest price you will find is $80, which is only applicable for a few fakes. The others are priced at $100 or $120. The company offers a group discount, though: 30% on all states for more than 2 IDs, 40% for more than 6 IDs, and 50% for 10+ IDs.

The company makes IDs for different countries including the US, Australia, UK, and Canada. For the US, it covers more than 30 states and you can choose between a driver’s license and a state ID. Even though all this sounds intriguing, most of the reviews found online complain about the ID cards that lack certain features, making them almost unusable.

OldIronSidesFakes Review: In Depth

About OldIronSidesFakes

When you order online from a fake ID vendor, you will find that they are not located in the US, and this seller is no different. it is believed that OIS is based somewhere in China. Even the people that communicate with you for support are Chinese (you can tell by their weak English). However, that shouldn’t really matter as long as you are able to communicate clearly and let them know what you want.

The problem with this place is that you do not get exactly what you ordered. After some research, we have come up with the average ratings for different features of the IDs. The template has an overall average rating of 7 out of 10 as the colors are not consistent and the picture looks quite faded. The pricing gets a 5 out of 10 as it charges more than others. The holograms get a 4 out of 10 as they are inconsistent and come off sooner than expected.

The stealth is about 5 out of 10 as OIS is not very professional when it comes to sending packages and it usually gets caught. Its shipping gets the highest, which is 8 out of 10 as it sends the product within a week of placing the order. The scanning gets a 6 out of 10 as the barcode is a little grayish and doesn’t look the real thing.

Service Plans

The company offers a normal pricing such structure. You will find a few places on the website which will help you, but you will mostly have to navigate on your own. Its templates are up to date and mostly equipped with templates as offered by each state DMV in 2020. While it offers a lot of different IDs, the pricing can change according to the company’s liking.

NEW MISSOURI (nMO) – VALID (2020) $100
NEW TEXAS (nTX) – VALID (2020) $100
NEW GEORGIA (nGA) – VALID (2020) $80
OHIO (OH) – VALID (5 years) $100
VIRGINIA (VA) – VALID (2020-21) $120
QUEBEC (QU) – VALID (2020) $120
NEBRASKA (NE) – VALID (2020-21) $90
NEW WISCONSIN (nWI) – VALID (2020) $100
INDIANA (ID) – VALID (2020-23) $100

Add Ons & Terms

OIS is known for sending free duplicates with each single or group purchase of fake ids.

  • USA Fake Driving Licenses (New Missouri, Texas, Vermont) – A series of Polycarbonate Driving licenses released by the DMV for respective states were successfully cloned by OIS in 2020.
  • UK, CANADA Driver’s License – Alberta, New South Wales, Quebec & Ontario DL available on their platform.


  • New Texas Driver's License
  • New Missouri Driver's License
  • FLORIDA Driver's License
  • NEVADA Driver's License
  • California Driver's License

Terms and Guarantees

OldIronSidesfakes.ph does not have any clear terms and conditions on the website. However, there is a FAQ section which will help you a little as there are not many questions present on the website. A little more detail is given below.

It does not offer any reprint policy. You get what you have received and if you don’t like it, you will have to order a new product. Plus, there is no guarantee that the new one will be perfect.

It offers different types of payment options. You can choose from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Money Gram, WU or Paypal. OldIronSidesfakes.ph does not take any liability for wrongful payment and will not refund under any circumstances. You will have to be very careful when making your payment.

OIS offers Paypal in a very profound manner. We advise customers to refrain from using Paypal payments as you can be subjected to Phishing attacks.

  • Reddit channels regarding OIS has instances where customers have been robbed of their Paypal balances.
  • The OldIronSidesFakes's Trustpilot has no verified reviews regarding OIS Paypal payments.
Caution: We ask customers to use Bitcoin or other payment options while dealing with vendors located in Hong Kong.

Surprisingly, the company has a lot of presence on social media. You will find it on most major networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. However, it does not post a lot.

OldIronSidesfakes.ph ships via different methods including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL. Unfortunately, it does not put in too much effort in disguising the fake IDs, which is why they usually get caught. In such cases, it does not take responsibility as the company believes that the package is not its problem as soon as it is shipped. The shipping time varies but customers report getting their packages in 1-2 month time. The shipping is delayed due to COVID19.

Customer Support

Even though it offers different types of customer support, its representative can take some time to get back to you. Also, you may experience a language barrier with them, which can make communication a little difficult.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time 24-72 hours
Friendly Response? Slow
Informative Response? Moderate
Answer all questions? No
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form No
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

There are many other vendors that you can choose from and we would suggest that you do so as OldIronSidesfakes.ph is not very reliable and is known for low-quality products. The materials used are not durable and will not last very long. The pricing is too high for the type of product you receive and most of the time, you won’t even be sure that the product will reach you.

The website is not very helpful or user-friendly, especially since it is not updated or coded properly. Another problem with the website is that the domain extension keeps changing, so you can’t even be sure whether you are ordering from the actual website.

If you really want a fake which will last you a long time and will ensure that you get into different bars, clubs and restaurants, we suggest you opt for another vendor as OIS is not very good at it.




Helps with this


Helps with this




Helps with this


Average Rating

Turnaround Time


The company makes about 2500 to 3000 ID cards per day and on average, it makes about 30,000 cards per week. Even though it is quick at making and shipping ID cards, you cannot be sure whether you will actually get it on time or at all.

Quality of Fake IDs


There have been a lot of complaints regarding the quality of the fake ID cards that it ships out. They lack in quality material, the holograms are not great, the UV is horrible, the templates are inconsistent, and the colors are faded.

Even the placing of different parts of the ID is inconsistent with the real one. Most of the ratings that this company has received from clients range from low to medium.

  • Laminated Hi-tech heat-resistant cardstock.
  • Thermochromic fake ID resemblance.
  • Opacity of holograms.

How to order?

Registration on OIS is a hectic & must-do process. Moving on, you will be asked to enter your form in a dashboard with your custom credentials. There is also an option where you can draw your signature.

OIS allows customers to upload 5-10 MB photos with a maximum resolution. Photos are given more importance than the rest of the information. Customers are asked twice if they do not provide photos up to their standards. Payments are taken in advance & the same dashboard displays a tracking number upon package shipment.


Reprint rates are higher than any other average fake ID website. The company does not reprint for any of its clients unless the ID totally messed up. The reprint rate is about 20 to a 100, which is high considering the amount of traffic it gets.


  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


There are more options online where you can order a fake ID from, and that is what we would suggest for you unless you want to spend a lot of money on a poor fake.

There are times that you will find that the information on the fake ID is stolen, which can cause trouble for you when you use it. Plus, you will not be able to pass off this fake. The only positive of this place is that you get to place orders for different fake IDs from one place.

Do Old Ironsides fakes scan?

Some of their fake IDs scan & even pass the bend or blacklight test. Majority of the customers have concerns about their magnetic bars being broken or used.

Is Old Ironsides fakes legit & certified?

The website is authentic but it does not have any guarantee. After all, fake ID websites operate under heavy scrutiny from Law Enforcement. Any fake ID business can shutdown at some point without offering any sort of refund guarantee.

How to pay Old Ironsides fakes?

Payments are usually accepted by Western Union, Money Gram, or Paypal. Bitcoin is the most recommended payment option because the other payment methods exposes your financial information to offshore countries like Hong Kong or Costa Rica. These countries are popular for identity theft & fraud.

How long Old Ironsides fakes take to ship?

The normal shipping time advertised by OIS is 8-12 business days. During COVID19, customers report the average receiving time from the day orders placed are 1-2 months. That is way beyond what Old Ironsides fakes advertise.

See OldIronSidesFakes Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Nick Compton


Tried their new Iowa ID. It is an average plastic driver’s license. Not fully functional.

Kelsey Irwin

Fashion Expert

Wasn’t an easy process to receive my card. The first package was confiscated & I had to open several tickets to receive another one. The ID came in after 35 days in total. It works though.

One Thought on OldIronSidesFakes Reviews
    29 Dec 2020

    Nothing good about old iron sides fakes ids. My friend posted a group order using (black friday) promo code and received a 20% discount. But this was completely worthless our package was seized by the customs and never received any response from the support staff ?? What’s the problem with these guys… why don’t these fake id websites respond to customers after getting money…. They all seem nice before you give them your money but once they receive your payment and order they wipe it off with it and disappear like a fart in the wind!!


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