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Starting Price $80 / ID
Founded 2019
Services USA – Student IDs, Driving Licenses, CA & UK.
Shipping Location ICELAND
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Starting price per ID


IDViking Review: In a Nutshell

This forgeries provider has been around for round about five years. It is known for the variety of fake licenses that they make. We usually do not review sites that provide forgeries of outside the US, but Viking is a website that offers both. If you are looking for outdated versions of a few states like NJ, CO, CT, and a few others, then it maybe useful.

Be it an American student id card or a replica of the European Countries identification; ID Viking tries to mimic the features but cannot satisfy an average customer.

The expanded business of this maker prompts us to believe that they are not inside the US. Any ID altering service that makes forgeries of this magnitude can not retain their customer service and set up inside the US because of the stricter rules and risks involved. Moreover, shipping these products domestically will eventually lead to the disclosing of the company’s location. We believe these guys are either located in Ukraine or China.

IDViking Review: In Depth

About IDViking


They advertise more Student IDs than state identification or driver’s licenses. Their main business is to target the student community, and they hardly make it up the top fake ID providers list because they do not have a single template that matches that of the current ones issued by the state DMV.

ID Viking does not have a custom generator to make barcodes for them, they often advertise that they buy these codes from other resellers and hence there is a high risk that your barcode might not scan, and that is the same issue with their magstripes.

Service Plans


Their average price tag for a state ID is round about 79 dollars. The Universities identification cards that they make has a price of 39 dollars. If you compare their pricing to their quality, it certainly does not match.

The quality of the student identity cards may be good enough, but they do not come with sophisticated features such as ultraviolet hidden security safeguards or elements. But the state ID pricing is expensive provided that their IDS come printed on outdated templates and will never make it inside to a local or out of state place.

(YALE) (YL) – VALID (2020) $39.99
CALGARY (CG) – VALID (2020) $39.99
ILLINOIS (IL) – VALID (5 years) $80
NEW CALIFORNIA (nCA) – VALID (2020-24) $149.99
BRITISH COLUMBIA (BC) – VALID (2019-20) $79.99
NEVADA (NE) – VALID (2021) $75
ALABAMA (AL) – VALID (2020) $80
KENTUCKY (KE) – VALID (2020) $100
UCONN ID (UCID) – VALID (2020-21) $89.99

Add Ons & Terms

IDViking fake ID designs are mostly outdated and no longer valid. They recently unveiled new California driver’s license. Most customers believe it is overpriced for $149.

  • Fake Student IDs – IDViking’s popularity skyrocketed due to selling student IDs. These fake IDs are relevant for University & College students in countries such as Australia, USA & Canada. [Reports of the students ids lacking holograms can be found on their Trustpilot review platform.]



Terms and Guarantees

The web interface is very lite and user-friendly, but the ordering cart needs to be simple. It lacks instructions such as how to place group orders or to submit forms for multiple persons. ID Viking lacks any concrete details of their novelty ID terms of service.

They provide two options to pay.

1) Bitcoin

2) Western Union

We believe that both of these methods are anonymous and convenient, but they need to add more options because not many customers are familiar with using cryptocurrency as a payment processor and money transfer services like WU compromises the personal information of a customer.

IDViking has a strict no-reprint policy. Even if they make mistakes on the technicians or printing end, they will never send you another ID. The customer will be asked to place a new order and pay for it.

Evolvedids likes to sticky to cryptocurrency as their main payment option.

IDViking likes to affiliate customers with International Money Transfers. They use Iceland & China to receive money via Western Union & Money Gram. They also accept Bitcoin.

IDViking is one of the most active veterans of the Reddit '/r/fakeid' sub forum. They are also ranked on other profiles such as fake id vendors. The social media presence is very inactive.

IDViking delivers student ids in a 2-week time. Most students complain that their packages do not arrive on time. ID Viking clearly states that they do not deliver packages to P.O Box addresses. They use enveloped documentation to wrap your fake ids inside them. In May 2018, some customers reported that their packages were seized by the US customs the vendor has changed their safe methods and is right now.

Customer Support

They are known to have fast communication, but in the mid of 2020, they’ve had severe issues with customers not receiving their IDs. Most of the orders got delayed for no reason, and customers complained through many forums, but then they responded and refunded the customers.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time 24-48 hours
Friendly Response? 7-8 days
Informative Response? Slow
Answer all questions? Moderate
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form No
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

ID Viking is your average budget vendor. If you need an ID for fun and novelty purposes, you can go to them and get one for a low-cost price. But their main business comes from making forgeries of College and University student identity cards.

In case you do not want to take any risks using your phony ID, then view the esteemed fake ID websites list certified by premium fakes.


Not Applicable


Helps with this


Helps with this


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Helps with this


Moderate Rating

Turnaround Time

It takes them 4-5 days on average to respond to any pre-sale or support tickets. IDViking does not seem to have dedicated support and their sales have dropped by almost half during 2019.

Quality of Fake IDs


The designs are outdated, and IDViking lacks any of the newly released identification themes. They purchase fake ID models from the open market which are shared by many providers, and that makes it very prone to getting caught. Customers complain that the color of the texture in their IDs are often washed out.

As IDViking’s main business comes from student IDs. Low-cost PVC for their IDs which is good for fake ids of Universities but not good enough for state IDs. They cannot absorb printing ink, and the lamination does not incorporate the overlay.

We have reports of their IDs scanning at out of state bars, but they do not pass in-state. Mostly, customers report that their barcodes are tampered and cannot read by any scanner. The invisible ink that they use is of good quality but due to the substance of PVC that they use to print IDs; it fades after exposure to air. They need to improve this element drastically.

  • No Holograms
  • Texture Mismatch
  • Magnetic Bar Dirt Spots
  • Missing OVD
  • Student IDs Missing Formatted QR Codes
  • Credentials Font Mismatch

How to order?

Viking has an automated system to collect counterfeit id orders. There is no guideline on how to buy multiple fake ids. You will be asked to choose a country for your ID purchase. Then a selection of ID for the particular country allows the customer to add it to cart.

The next step asks the customer to upload a photo in (.JPEG, .PNG) format along with a signature. (Customer signatures are not allowed)

Payments are taken once the order number generates. Customers are given invoice numbers with an estimated shipping time for their fake ID package.


IDViking has a 50/50 success percentage. The demand for reprints has grown significantly due to their poor printing practices & outdated equipment.

IDViking Reprint Complaints by Year

  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


IDViking cannot give tough competition to some of the top-ranked fake id makers. The popularity of the vendor has received immense damage due to operating problems mainly due to COVID19 pandemic. The quality has remained poor.

Their micro needs more improvement especially for the Connecticut licenses it lacks the round edges and perforations are awkward. They use hologram sleeves sold online in the dark market. These holograms will often get caught if the Bouncer matches them to an updated Bar book. But if you use them in some out-of-state places, you might get lucky.

See IDViking Customer Reviews & Testimonials


IDViking does not offer me any refund or reprint. It was a bad choice to have ordered from them.


My Kentucky ID from Viking is garbage! It doesn’t even have a working hologram!

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