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Company IDTop
Starting Price $80-125 / ID
Founded 2010
Services Counterfeit USA IDs.
Shipping Location CHINA, DOMESTIC USA.
Ranking #1
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Starting price per ID


IDTop Review: In a Nutshell

IDTop has been the brand ambassador of fake IDs for several years. Our research along with customer feedback shows that they provide a wide range of counterfeit documents. IDTop’s pricing for an ID starts from $60 to $100 depending upon the state & number of cards. They also offer group discounts for several states. The company has been in the fake ID business for a long time. To say that their customers are merely satisfied would be an understatement.

IDTop offers replicas of every state ID that is issued in the US. The prices of some of the licenses such as Connecticut, California, Indiana, Arizona, Arkansas are higher than the rest of the market.

Overall, we can say that IDTop has successfully built a huge following in the US colleges & campuses. It is known as the ‘CHINESE GUY’ or ‘ID Top’ and is often given codenames by young kids.

IDTop Review: In Depth

About IDTop

The emergence of IDTop has been a hot topic among fake ID buyers. There are speculations that they used to be ‘ID CHIEF’ but changed their name following huge pressure from Law Enforcement & hence they re-branded to another name as IDTop but we believe this to be a false dogma. IDTop has existed before even started to produce IDs. Most people believe that this company operates from China & that the owner relates to the counterfeit production industry.

The forgeries is a tricky business, and hence not many ID makers can perfect the art of making duplicate identification cards in their mom’s basements. It requires state-of-the-art equipment, highly-developed printing machines, and critically experienced staff to manage and prepare such a sensitive piece of work.

Many sites pop up and disappear in a matter of months, but some not only remain stable but become well-known brands and keep their standards to attract teenagers in the US.

IDTop is a victim of copyright violations. More than half of its legitimate traffic is forcefully intercepted by fake clones using a similar brand-name. A list of domains that are not the real ID Top lists below.

  1. IDTop.TO
  2. IDTop.PH
  3. IDTop.COM



Service Plans

IDTop has a compelling structure. The ability to buy more than forty US states (ID + Driver’s license) is an amazing experience for a first-timer. Instructions such as “Taking a Good Fake ID Photo” or “How to order from IDTop?” has a separate section. It serves as a “Fake ID Guide” for any buyer.

CALIFORNIA (CA) – VALID (2021) $100
ARIZONA (AZ) – VALID (2020) $80
ALASKA (AL) – VALID (2020) $79
CONNECTICUT (CT) – VALID (4 years) $80
COLORADO (CO) – VALID (2020) $100
ARKANSAS (AR) – VALID (Pre 2020) $95
GEORGIA (GA) – VALID (2019) $100
KANSAS (KS) – VALID (pre 2019) $80
DELAWARE (DE) – VALID (pre 2018) $80
WASHINGTON (WA) – VALID (2020, 2021) $80

Add Ons & Terms

They do not currently offer any add on services.

  • pre 2019 – These IDTop’s licenses can be categorized into the outdated templates issued before 2019.
  • 2020, 2021 – Templates which are VALID & are matching the counterparts in the current and the next year.
  • The pricing is subjected to change anytime as decided by the IDTop. does not co-relate to the attributed changes implemented by the vendor itself.
  • The mentioned (ID TOP STATES) are the popular licenses only. There maybe other products that you can discuss & find detailed reviews on our ‘User Reviews/Fake IDs Review‘ section.



Terms and Guarantees

By reading the terms and conditions on the IDTop’s website we conclude the following results. To find out details on these, please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

The company receives orders on a large scale. Hence, it would be no issue for them to issue reprints. Investigating this; we found that IDTop's official policy claims that they will provide Refunds or Reprint in case they commit a mistake on their end.

The company's support staff says that they provide a reprint once out of each hundred orders. They further stressed an important point that customers usually make up License numbers or fake Addresses which are invalid. It enhances the chances of Reprints. They also claim to be providing replacements to customers upon seized packages for up to 3 months. Which is unrealistic & many of their customers report otherwise.

IDTop only accepts Cryptocurrency. They have deployed Western Union & MoneyGram as additional options for international customers. The Bitcoin payments are processed within 30 minutes. Once orders are confirmed then customers receive invoice numbers.

According to IDTop's Terms & Services guidelines on their website, they will not be responsible for the loss of funds or money in the following cases.

  • Customer uses wrong payment information
  • Upon usage of incorrect payment method or sending Bitcoins to the wrong address
Hence they bear no liabilities for the loss of funds.

IDTop has a Twitter account but we are still not sure whether it belongs to them or not. However, there are potent photos & videos of fake ID batches that are printed & shipped regularly. In short, IDTop has a moderate presence on social media platforms.

The hashtag #IDTop usually trends on Facebook & Twitter. However, as we pointed out earlier that the Fake ID Top impersonators have been busy stealing their traffic. So, one can't always rely on a Social Media Account. Our research concludes that there is no official or verified social media account that belongs to IDTop.

The company uses different disguising techniques so that their packages may slip through the Customs. This is no easy task & requires a different passageway from time-to-time. In recent times thousands of packages with fake licenses have been seized. IDTop ships fake IDs from China & packages from this location are suspiciously checked.

Customer Support

IDTop uses Protonmail & domain to respond to customer queries. They also have a dedicated FAQ page where you’ll find almost everything you need to know about all of their services. The FAQ page lacks information about their shipping techniques or any other information regarding their products.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time Yes
Friendly Response? Yes
Informative Response? Yes
Answer all questions? Yes
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form Yes
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

To test the IDs of IDTop, we ordered 10 fakes in total. They were able to deliver the fake IDs in 10 days. We appreciated the time-frame & honesty about their shipping time. It shows their professionalism in a niche which is not-so-perfect.

The fakes included states such as: KANSAS, CALIFORNIA, DELAWARE (NEW), ILLINOIS, OHIO. Most of these were tested out-of-state in grocery stores & retail locations. With an excellent passing ratio 8 out of 10 fake licenses passed positive & worked out. We recommend IDTOP for their excellent services.


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Turnaround Time


According to our research, they deliver 1,000 to 3,000 high-quality IDs daily. These licenses are wrapped in disguised packages. In our test, we were able to get all the IDs we ordered within 10 days. The figures may not be exact but it may vary from time-to-time. IDTop also uses different items to help slip out their packages through the scrutiny of US Customs. They use jewelry, watch & cosmetic boxes to achieve this.

The discrete shipping technique that is widely used by ID sellers has often failed and raised questions about the security of the buyer. Nowadays, id vendors emphasize making their shipping techniques more secure and sophisticated; some will use watch boxes while others use envelopes. However, our members did not have any issue whatsoever with the shipping methods of IDTop and rate it among the best.

Quality of Fake IDs

Our tests reveal that their products are Scannable. Their IDs come equipped with magnetic bars stuck to the back. For Example, We executed IDTop’s California fake ID through a 2-Dimensional reading scanner. The scanner replied with the correct information & confirmed the credentials on the license.

  • Background for custom licenses (Color Section)
  • Good Passing Ratio
  • Make up your Fake SSN # or DL #
  • Get an out-of-state ID

How to order?

  • The order form is custom coded and hence gives you a positive impression of their dynamic system.
  • It provides detailed instructions on how to pick state, color, hair, weight and other license credentials. It even has an option to generate license number and additional information to encode for your license.
  • IDTop is one of the rare makers who make more than thirty State licenses and has a large customer base throughout the United States hence you can pick out one in the order form.
  • It took a mere thirty seconds to submit the order form instead of waiting minutes for the upload process to go on.
  • Payment options are convenient these days. While most ID makers lack the ability to accept online payments; IDTop provides you several options like Zelle, Google Play, Amazon Pay, Credit & Debit card services to pay for your IDs.
  • It also provides you the option to pay with bitcoin and pick a standard and express delivery service.

Even though the website is straightforward, but the theme is custom coded, and IDTop’s policy has always been against display photos of their fake ID samples. Their customers appreciate the products that they deliver and word of mouth increases their customer base.


We were able to use Kansas, California & Connecticut fake IDs issued by IDTop weeks after we received them. Feedback from customers also suggest that one need not to worry about Reprints as long as you deserve one. Anyone can simply request replacements should the need arise.

Most of the reprints were for Connecticut IDs. IDTop’s banner of the CT Driver’s license has a deformed color texture and does not match that of a real license. Otherwise, the rest of the elements such as the real id symbol and other security features are good.

IDTop's fake ID Reprint Stats

  • 2018 Reprint Instances
  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2020


IDTop is one of the top providers of fake IDs and licenses with a well above average retention rate. Click the link below to go to their page, and find the ID which will be right for you.

With a starting price of $80, the company offers affordable counterfeit IDs from UK, US, CA with high-quality. The printing material exceeds the standards used by competitors. One of the main advantages of using IDTop is that they can generate realistic Driving license numbers & information for your fake card.

You can enter a Bar or any other restricted place in the US without worrying about getting caught. IDTop’s fakes are so good that we have rarely seen a report from a customer or buyer about any problems what-so-ever. Your order with the is same & fully encrypted. Hence, when you get that free clone along with your ordered license; it just makes icing on the top. IDTop is currently in our top fake ID websites list as well.

How long does IDTOP take to ship?

The shipping speed of IDTop is a 7-14 days which is satisfactory for individual orders. There have been instances where group orders have been delayed and complaints regarding that are posted numerous times. ID Top also has recently faced hurdles in their disguise methods. Shipments from China are going through stern control measures in the US. Hence, they may have to change strategy in the near future.

They use USPS for inside shipping throughout the US. IDTop has categorically stated that they do not ship internationally anymore.

Are IDTop's fakes Scannable?

Ordering is flawless. We received two fakes from this vendor & have no problems passing through. One of the ID passes in and out of Connecticut while the other passes at readers (magnetic bar) and scanning (encoded ID) devices at out of the state bars. Overall, we are quite satisfied with the pricing and quality of the ID but will want more improvements in the template and shipping speed.

See IDTop's Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Mary Compton

Student, USCS.

Maryland ID has a missing laser-engraved cut to its edges. This is a hundred percent accurate piece of fake ID & is well worth the price.

Roy Kapoor

I ordered a New York license just to see how it looks. It is as real as my DL! Screws your mind cause these fakes from China are the real deal

2 Thoughts on IDTop Reviews
    15 Nov 2020

    Customer Name: Lauren Pizzni | ID State: Delaware | Shipping Service: Standard | Delivery Duration: 10 Working Days | Courier: USPS (Firstly Shipped via China Postal Service) | Vendor: | Purchase Type: one ID.

    Quality Summary

    Holograms: Transparent window. Ghost photo visibility.| Material: Polycarbonate (bend test yet to be tested) | Scannable Features: 2D code which reads my initials and license information required. | Practical Testing: Tested in Walmart & scanned at several outlets. | Ultraviolet Techniques: One wine shop employer thrown UV light at it. It has the authentic ultraviolet print. No complaints | Micro Features: Stiffly printed micro features.

    Customer Comments: Very impressive work by IDtop. I almost couldn’t believe that they actually created and sent this ID for a mere 100 dollars in 8 business days. Making IDs with OVD windows is a tough ask. Nice thickness and accurate dimensions of the card makes it look 100% authentic. Laminations and sharply cut edges are icing on the cake. IDTop has the best Delaware licenses to offer.

    Purchase Verifiable Photo: YES | Order Number: #911001817 | REVIEW ID: 108171

    delawarefake id by idtop

      19 Nov 2020

      Looks like a good purchase. Do you suggest buying their new Texas or the (outdated) one for instate? I heard good things about their newer ids but curious as to which one I should select or should I use the oldschool ids?


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