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Starting Price $75-85 / ID
Founded 2008
Shipping Location CHINA, USA.
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Starting price per ID


IDinstate Review: In a Nutshell

IDinstate’ offers high quality fake ID at a price starting from 75 USD. It is said to be popular vendors of fake & novelty IDs. Their shipping options include 3-4 days for express and 8-10 for standard delivery. customer service is not one of the best and it has resulted in people losing their orders due to their customers not being updated about their website being down. Of one the major problems their customers face is related tracking shipments.

They don’t really give you a way to track your shipment which pretty much leaves you restless and uncertain till your IDs arrive. IDinstate has had past complaints about delayed orders as well as missing orders.

They can accidentally mark your ID shipped without them actually being shipped. Though they fix the issue later on, it delays your order none the less and makes you some-what uncertain about their service. IDinstate has also changed their websites and re-branded a couple of times. It maybe known for exit scams but has worked well under the alias ‘IDINSTATE‘ for the time being.

IDinstate Review: In Depth

About IDinstate


The vendor started making fake ids of a couple of US states almost a decade ago. Emerging as a newbie website it has attracted the notorious market of forgeries in the last few years. IDinstate is an unstable but cheaper fake id provider.

The company has a record of not working properly at times. Every once in a while It goes down leaving everyone in the dust. It has changed names and domains a few times before sticking out with the name ‘IDinstate‘ for the last couple of years.

From a couple of US state fake IDs they have now grown operations by offering counterfeit versions of over 20+ state templates. They recently released DMV’s look-a-like IDs of Texas, Kentucky, Indiana & some other licenses. IDinstate owns a fast moving website but they seem to lack detailed images of each state identification templates.

Service Plans


IDinstate has always offered VERY competitive prices. While other people are lowering reseller prices to match. But the quality, speed, etc. you get from ‘’ is a bit above than average.

After reviewing their services we come across their delay in shipping the IDs. This is one of the iffy spots for any ID seekers. These vendors have trouble keeping consistency in their service, they deliver exemplary service in the start but after you have made the payment you would start seeing some hiccups.

Apart from that they recently raised their shipping prices which might mean faster shipments. But as far as we see there has been no changes in shipment to make it better. As ‘’ customers have mentioned that they were uncertain about their fake IDs because of the delay in shipment, but most of them received their ID none-the-less.

(NEW MEXICO) (NM) – VALID (2020) $75
TENNESSEE (TN) – VALID (2020) $85
NEW ARKANSAS (nAR) – VALID (2020) $85
NEW VERMONT (oVT) – VALID (4 years) $85
PENNSYLVANIA (PA) – VALID (2020-21) $90
NEVADA (NV) – VALID (2019-20) $85
VIRGINIA (VA) – VALID (2020) $100
NORTH DAKOTA (ND) – VALID (2020) $80
MONTANA (MT) – VALID (2020) $85
WASHINGTON (WA) – VALID (2020-21) $100

Add Ons & Terms

IDinstate charges $25 additional for each duplicate. They do not allow shipping fake id packages to multiple addresses.

  • New Mexico – The only fake ID vendor to offer this state in 2020.



Terms and Guarantees

There is one thing that is important for anyone who is investing in a fake ID, is the guarantee for their investment. IDinstate does not give us a clear guarantee to ensure your investment but it has a status of being a decent seller in this market, which is more than enough for people to choose this vendor.

‘’ does not have a reprint policy nor they have mentioned it on their website but they have reprinted IDs of people who claimed that they received damaged IDs. Which obviously is to save their reputation.

‘’ has quite a lot of payment options like bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, moneygram, western union and xoom. Though they charge extra if you pay through western union.

IDinstate has also started to accept conventional payment options such as Paypal.

While some fake ID providers do have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts ‘’ believes in none of them. Their previous name by "" has an active fanbase over all social media networks. They even used to have shoutout messages from their customers.

The company mainly uses air transport as a way of shipping its goods and it is said that its package will be received after 2-3 weeks.

‘’ promises to offer a fast delivery once you pay then, they claim you to send you your ID just 1.5 weeks after you paid but like I said before that have trouble in keeping their service consistent.

Customer Support

Their customer support is that that claim to offer is yet to be witnessed. They might have good fake IDs but let’s face it without a good customer support the whole situation would become tough for any buyer. The average turnaround time of ‘’ is between 1500 and 2000 IDs daily.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time 24-48 hours
Friendly Response? YES
Informative Response? Average
Answer all questions? Moderate
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form Yes
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

IDinstate is selling fake IDs but placing an order is always the easy part. It is what happens after you pay that matters. Despite them being too much of a risk, they are known for the good reputation they have maintained and thus its not a bad place to order IDs from if you are willing to take a little bit of risk.

If you are looking to for an ID to nail it down! our recommended ‘Top 5 Fake ID Websites‘ has some of the best listed counterfeit services online. These can always serve as a replacement for idinstate.


Not Applicable


Helps with this


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Not Applicable


Helps with this


Moderate Rating

Turnaround Time

The only way to contact their people is through the email they provide after you have made the payment. Their website consists of a help desk that lets you submit a ticket in order to get in touch with them but it’s not very reassuring.

Quality of Fake IDs


Their quality weavers from time to time ‘IDinstate’ are somewhat inconsistent depending on the batch. It is almost as if they forget to refill the ink or they run out of good cards from time to time some cards are really thin where as some signatures are real bold. But about 80% of the product they deliver works just fine.

  • Linear & Diagonal Hologram Printing
  • Multiple Layer Image Hosting
  • Transparent Background Window
  • Cardstock Embossing
  • Heat-Resistant Thermal Plastic Coating
  • Ultraviolet Red Ink

How to order?

Purchasing a fake ID from IDinstate involves a ten minute process. You will be asked to add state IDs to a cart system. The customer is then forward to a form where they are asked to submit details including photos + signature. The signature area is customizable and can be left empty for IDinstate to make it up.

Surprisingly, IDinstate allows customers to upload up to 20 MB photo size. The maximum resolution allows photos to go clearly on your fake id. This also costs them a tad more than other makers to host powerful servers for their data.


IDinstate has not mentioned any reprint rates on their website, though as mentioned earlier they will reprint your card if they make a mistake. At least they have the common courtesy to fix their mistakes.

IDinstate Reprint Stats

  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


After the recent shut down of their website, ‘’ has started again. Though their website is quite outdated. You face a small “ooff” here and there and it may not seem very encouraging at times but ‘IDinstate’ has proven to be a moderate provider for fake IDs.

Their fake IDs are ranked with average reviews from the customers. IDinstate has about a 70% success rate with a fair bit of success stories. Using this vendor is a bit risky but it mostly all depends on much risk you are willing to take.

How long does Id in state take to ship?

IDinstate ships all of their fake ID packages using standard mailing service. It takes them 1-5 days to make a normal fake identity card. They take additional 10-15 days (5 extra due to COVID19) & your package arrives in the 15-20 business days time in total.

Does IDinstate Scan?

IDinstate has a moderate scanning percentage. On average 4 out of 10 fake licenses will scan. They do not have a custom software reading system to encode their IDs. They use pre-made barcodes and append them to each fraudulent ID.

Is IDinstate legit?

IDinstate is a verified provider of forgeries. The website maybe inconsistent with quality but is a well-known forgery maker for almost a decade. The website attracts customers from United States.

See IDinstate's Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Hannah Rae


IDinstate ids can be used in grocery stores. I purchase binge drinks with my whenever possible.


My IDinstate purchase was an overall success. Paid with WU and they sent my card in 12 business days.

One Thought on IDinstate Reviews
    30 Jan 2021

    I’d advise anyone who’s looking for a fake id card not to “EVER ORDER FROM “IDInstate”. I ordered a fake id card from them a while back and they never sent me any product at all. They scammed me BIG TIME. They’re all a bunch of crooks who prey on people who want get a fake id through the mail. Once you pay them they’ll take your money and run.

    They’re a bunch of criminals located somewhere in Asia claiming to have an office in the United States but it’s all BULLSHIT. Do not order from them or you’ll lose your money so I’m just telling you so you can save your money and save you from some headache too. These scoundrels are filthy bast*rds who are not honest and are a bunch of thieves. Don’t fall for that. You’ve been warned!!!.Stay away from these swindlers.


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