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Company IDGOD
Starting Price $90-100 / ID
Founded 2014
Services Counterfeit USA, UK, CANADA IDs.
Shipping Location CHINA
Ranking #4
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Starting price per ID


IDGod Review: In a Nutshell

As fake ID sellers go, you can find a dime a dozen. IDGod isn’t breaking any new ground here. They’re a bog-standard fake ID seller as far as things go and hardly one of the best that you’ll find. But they’ve been in the business long enough to have success with a select crowd in some particular states. Does that make them worthwhile? Well…kind of.

One of the things that IDGod is better equipped with is its pricing. Most standard IDs will cost you $80 which is a bit on the cheaper side of things. You also get some group discounts if you buy IDs for more than one person.

Buying IDs for a group of four or more can easily save you close to 40% off the basic price. This makes it a good option if you want to go and get wasted with your pals. These referral campaigns are one of the main reasons you will see IDGod being recommended online.

The vendor is based out of China which means your money and shipments will making their rounds through the country. This can off putting for some as sending payments becomes a sketchy ordeal when your dollars cross international borders.

This also makes it a bit harder to have your fake ID reliably shipped to you. You’ll often come across hang-ups and even complete seizures without so much as a warning. Getting your IDs shipped from here is akin to playing the slots.

IDGod Review: In Depth

About IDGod

The business of making counterfeit documents has flourished in China during the last couple of decades. United States is the top buyer when it comes to buying fake diplomas, driving licenses & other fraudulent documents. The Chinese term fake IDs as an incredibly lucrative business. IDGOD appears to be one of the founding members of this industry.

The fake ID website is a vital source for mainstream of freshmen gatherings. It is a popular provider and accepts anonymous payment options so that their customers can remain safe. It started as a domestic shipper but to due to strict scrutiny of Law Enforcement in United States they moved operations to Hong Kong & China.

The open secret became revealed when US Senator formally wrote to Chinese Government to cease operations of IDGod. The website was shutdown for a couple of years & then moved from to (an offshore domain).

Today IDGod operates with a collection of US, CANADIAN & UK identity cards. Since the closure, the quality has never been the same. IDGod has been around for a fair bit but not enough to clearly establish a high brand name or word of mouth.

The website has offered many fake ID templates in the past, but it is clearly suffering the effects of antiquation in recent years.  You’ll find that most of IDGod’s designs have been outdated to the templates that you might find on ID’s today.

The website offers more than 42+ driver’s license designs but the reliability of most is debatable. Unless you’re trying to fool someone stuck in the last decade, there are better options than this. IDGod uses very standard run of the mill equipment now which offers little in the overall product. You won’t find any prominent security features being highlighted on their IDs as well as missing basic requirements like lamination on the cards. You can definitely find success with some state IDs but that list is very small.

Since IDGOD operates out of the country, you will have to send your payments through either Western Union or MoneyGram. This can be a big deal breaker for a lot of people because sending their payments to China is hardly something worth inspiring trust. This means that if you end up having any issues with your payments, there won’t be much you can do about it.

If you want to be more anonymous with your payments, ID God also accepts payments through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This can take a few hours for verification but is a decent method to pay if you don’t want your personal details attached to the transaction.

Ordering from the website is a typical fare. You will be given a form to fill out where you can add your details and upload things like your picture and signature. However, it does lack proper instructions for taking your picture and uploading signatures.

Service Plans

IDGod features all its IDs on its front page with an interactive map that you can use to get to the state that you need. But as cute as it is, it doesn’t offer much information beyond it. You’re left to your wits about what kind of features these IDs have.

Good luck trying to find any info on orders, payments, and procedures; it simply doesn’t exist. All you’re treated to is a bare bones FAQ that only spits out one or two lined answers at you. Anything more detailed is left up to you to figure out.

IDGod offers some basic templates for its state ID designs. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find features like UV printing on there. Their ink also loses a lot of quality points which makes the templates achieve a very low effort look. Most are outdated and they’re quite slow at rolling new ones out. So, if you need a fake ID from yesteryear, you know who to hit up.

British Columbia (BC) – VALID (2020) $95
ALBERTA (AB) – VALID (2020) $100
NEW GEORGIA (nGA) – VALID (2020) $150
NEW VERMONT (nVT) – VALID (4 years) $120
MANITOBA (MB) – VALID (2019-2020) $120
ONTARIO (ON) – VALID (Pre 2020) $95
QUEBEC (GA) – VALID (2020) $120
NEVADA (NV) – VALID (2020) $100
NEW WISCONSIN (nWI) – VALID (2020) $120
HAWAII (HI) – VALID (2020, 2021) $100

Add Ons & Terms

They offer duplicates but charge $20 for additional clone of id.

  • British Columbia – Driver’s license that are valid for next 5 years and can be used for identification purposes.
  • UK Driver’s License – Standard United Kingdom Driving license – The design is still valid in 2020 after the Brexit.


  • British Columbia ID

Terms and Guarantees

By reading the terms and conditions on the IDGOD’s website we conclude the following results. To find out details on these, please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

IDGod doesn’t have a fixed stance on reprints. They might give you reprints if they make a mistake, but you’ll have to notify them within a day of receiving your IDs via email. And if you’re the one behind the mistake? Well, tough luck.

ID God’s terms make it clear that they aren’t going to held responsible for payment mishaps. Refunds are issued only if production hasn’t started or if the IDs are defective in any way.

IDGod has been on the receiving end of critics for selectively scamming customers with their Western Union & Bitcoin payments.

  • They may receive a Bitcoin payment but will not acknowledge it unless customer opens a ticket.
  • The IDGod's Trustpilot reviews regarding their service indicates that their Western Union payment system is not reliable.
Caution: We advise customers to use another vendor if paying with Western Union or Bitcoin.

ID God now is virtually nonexistent on any social platforms. Although their site has a host of buttons for following them, they all lead to nothing. On the bright side, you do get a small forum section where you can anonymously make some posts.

Shipping takes close to 7-14 business days and USPS First Class is the shipping choice for free shipping that you get here. They also have Priority and Rush options if you want to get your drink on sooner.

One thing worth noting here is that ID God’s package concealment methods could do with some major overhauls. Most of their “stealth” packaging is laughable enough and it often leads to busts and seizures from the US Customs.

Customer Support

If you happened to stumble your way on to ID God’s site for some semblance of customer service, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s as outdated as it is barebones, and that’s saying something. The maker does not provide any formal platform for support. There is no ticket system either.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time 1 WEEK
Friendly Response? Moderate
Informative Response? Average
Answer all questions? No
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form No
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

It’s hard to recommend ID God hand on heart but there’s a lot worse out there that you can go for. There are some things vendor does better than others and honestly, it’s trial and error for the most part.

ID God works well on some fronts while falling flat on itself on others. Finding success with their IDs is a case by case basis so your mileage may vary. We recommend that you read up on past reviews to find out if they have worked for others in your state in the past.


Limited Countries


Helps with this


Helps with this


Limited States


Helps with this


Average Rating

Turnaround Time

There isn’t clear information out there on ID God’s turnaround, but it lies somewhere in the range of 1200+. You’re expected to get shipments close to a week or two. All ID God has up on its site is a contact email. But you’d have better luck shouting into the void than reaching someone over at good ‘ol ID God.

All you’ll find on the site if you’re looking for some answers is a half-baked FAQ with about as much information as you can fit on the back of a shampoo bottle. The only thing close to a guide on the site is a “how to pay” section that raises more questions than it answers.

Quality of Fake IDs


Here’s where the deal breaker lies for ID God. All of their fakes are standard quality with a few missing features. This makes the IDs only work on a handful of places where the scrutiny is low.

Of course, when features like lamination, UV printing, and proper ink printing leave the building then you’re going to be left wondering why you forked over your $80 to begin with.

This is why most reviews online have mixed feeling for ID God’s offerings. The general consensus here is that they work in some states but overall, they’re not brightest of the bunch.

  • Customized Digital ID Encoding
  • Identification Inventory Codes
  • Transparent Window Layering – New York, Florida, Arkansas.
  • Format Generated License Numbers & Signature Customization.
  • BCS Positive Scannable Testing.
  • Swipe-tested bars on IDs.

How to order?

Ordering your fake license from IDGod is a simple & sleek process. You can select a state license of your choice & make up your information. They allow you to upload up to 2 MB sized (JPEG, PNG, or JPG) formatted photo with any background. Altering is required if the photo does not match their standards.

Payments are taken in advance. You’ll get not a confirmation e-mail upon entry of information. No order number is given either. We are also not aware of how their mailing service works. Once the order is confirmed you can check back for a tracking number after a couple of weeks.


ID God doesn’t have a fixed stance on reprints. They might give you reprints if they make a mistake, but you’ll have to notify them within a day of receiving your IDs via email. And if you’re the one behind the mistake? Well, tough luck.

The reprint rates for ID God range somewhere north of 1 or 2 in every batch of 50. Most of the time these happens because of bad prints.

IDGod's Reprint Stats

  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


If you were to rank ID God among the list of best fake ID vendors, it would sit somewhere in the middle. It’s far from something that’s a borderline scam but it’s not exactly a godsend either.

ID God does good competitive pricing with great deals on referrals and bulk orders. But it does it at the risk of poor quality fakes and a lack of decent customer support.

If all you’re looking to do is fool your average senior gas station attendant, then you might have some luck with ID God. But don’t expect to get anywhere near the hottest club in town with what you’re getting here.

How long does IDGod take to ship?

IDGod’s normal shipping time is 7-12 business days. The advertised time is shorter but actual reports indicate that this time extends to almost a month. IDGod has delayed packages during the pandemic. Customers often report seizure of their fake ID packages by US Customs in recent times.

Are IDGod's fake IDs Scannable?

IDGod has a moderate success for instate IDs. Reports & stats indicate the counterfeit ids of this website does not scan fairly well when tried out of states. The IDs are popular for working out in low-budget bars & gas stations.

Is IDGod shutdown?

IDGod was shutdown with the domain name ‘IDGOD.COM‘ in 2014 by a formal request of US Senators to the Chinese Law enforcement. The operations closed for almost 2 years. IDGOD started operating again under the domain ‘IDGOD.PH‘ but their quality is not the same again. They lost access to the premium machinery & skillful workers of the past.

See IDGOD's Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Nick Haver


Good work by IDGod on my Ohio license. Every feature is spot on!

Alan Walter

Easy ordering process. IDGod makes your signature look real if you can’t make it up yourself. My ID scans and has a working ultraviolet feature.

One Thought on IDGod Reviews
    1 Feb 2021

    IDGOD is a real shame. I have used, & and never received an ID from any of them. I am totally scammed for almost a grand!! All their Trustpilot reviews are fake and self-promoted!! Please do not buy from any of them save your money!! Buy only from verified websites on list!!


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