How To Take a Good Fake ID Photo

Why Fake IDs Need Convincing Photos

Are you ready to hit the club but worried about not being let in? Stay with us here because acquiring a fake ID is not as difficult as it seems. When you order an ID online, there are some basic steps that you need to make sure are in order, the first one being your ID photo. 

The minute you step in front of the line, the bouncer may see your face and take you for someone they will not allow in, but can they really stop you when they see your ID? This is where deception plays its magical part and helps you make your way into places you cannot imagine. Allow yourself to live your life to the fullest, but try to steer clear from any trouble.

Before anything, you need to make sure your fake ID has an amazing photo. How, you ask? Read on further and learn some secret tips. 

Fake ID Photo - What Is Allowed and What Is Not?

Most bouncers at the club do not even look at anything further than the photo on your ID. This can work to your advantage if you ensure your photo is taken exactly like it should be on a state-issued ID. Since you will most probably be taking this picture on your own, some basic tips can help you meet the state requirements. 

You want to avoid making mistakes like lifting your chin too high or taking your picture in the wrong light with the wrong camera. Look at different original IDs and match the light and quality of your fake ID photo so as to leave no room for suspicion. Apart from that, you need to make your expressions look neutral as you would keep them sitting in front of an official. 

Moreover, what you wear and how you look in the picture play an important part. You want to make sure you are dressed appropriately and do not have any extra accessories or makeup. Otherwise, it may change the way you originally look, which might catch the bouncer’s or the liquor seller’s attention.

Another important point you should keep in mind when clicking your picture is to take multiple shots. Do not rush to get the photo session over with. Instead, take your sweet time to get a good photo. Take a few selfies and close-up shots to make sure all your features are clearly visible. Also, you should determine what source of light will be the most suitable according to the requirements. 

Follow State-Specific ID Rules

Be sure to avoid anything that may cause you to become a suspect. The ID you own should follow all the rules specified by the particular state you have chosen. You would not want to let all your effort go to waste by choosing a photo that does not comply with the state’s requirements. 

Some Points to Emphasize On

Make sure the photo is taken from directly in front of you with a flash and a high-resolution camera. You want to match your fake ID picture with that of an original ID. Pictures taken from webcams or phone cameras usually offer low quality and will not pass as legit ID photos.

Choose a background color specified by the state. For example, some states specifically mention the picture should be taken with a blue background, while others may want a white background. You can find poster boards of the required color from any store and easily create the background at home.

Clean up neatly and fix your hair and makeup according to the requirement. Do not overdo on looking older than you are and follow the instructions regarding any accessories like jewelry, glasses or hats that are not to be worn. 

Every state has its own set of rules that you need to read through properly before capturing and sending in your photo for the fake ID. The biggest giveaway in your ID is generally your photo. If it does not match with how you look in person, there is a chance for the person checking your ID to be suspicious.

Here are a few examples of rules set by most states that must be followed in your photo:

  • Do not smile too wide
  • No frowning
  • Take your glasses off
  • Dress properly
  • Minimal or no makeup
  • Size of photo and background color should follow state rules

Why Is a Good Photo Important for a Fake ID?

Since your IDs are an official proof of your existence in a certain state, they are generally of crisp quality with accurate information. When you buy fake IDs, you do not want to be spending money on something that will give your reality away because of a low-quality picture or inaccurate details. 

If you look closely at original IDs, the photos you find on them are taken with specific backgrounds, are edited a certain way, and are high resolution. Your ID photo should clearly display anything that may prove your identity by looking at your face, even if it is something as small as the mole on your cheek or the shape of your nose. The higher the resolution of your photo, the more legitimate it looks.

Pictures taken by official authorities have a certain standard and you want to match that completely if you want your ID to look real.

How and Which Cameras to Use?

Choosing the right kind of camera for capturing a good photo for your fake ID can surely sound complex, but it is not. 

While it is recommended that you use a high-resolution digital camera for capturing your photo, it is equally recommended for you to work on the rest of the details that can make your ID look 100% legit. There are quite a few simple ways for you to get the required result. Just focus on the instructions and follow them to the dot. 

Here are a few tips on how to use your cameras:


As every state requires a certain background color, make sure you pick the background according to the state you have chosen. The first thing the bouncer or liquor store owner will see on your ID photo is the background. Now, who wants to make a mistake as silly as that?

Resolution & Flash

You want to make sure the camera you have chosen has great resolution and captures the details of your face perfectly. This can be possible with a digital camera or even with a good phone camera, provided that you turn on the flash and take the picture directly from the front. Selfies are a big no-no! 

Set Up Your Photobooth

This is where you want to play with the lights in the area where you are capturing your photo. You can set up a personal photobooth with controlled light settings in order to eliminate any potential shadows and create a natural-looking photo. 

Clean Up Good

If you are opting for a fake ID, it is important for you to look the age you are putting on it. If you want to portray yourself as someone older than 20, play the part. Dress properly, style your hair and go easy on the accessories and makeup. 

How to Pose

You do not want to look too excited when capturing your fake ID photo. This is why it is super important that you do not smile too wide or too little. Stick your chin out and tilt your head just a bit. Make sure your eyes do not look as if you are a serial killer or a scared puppy who is about to get caught. 

When you reach the exploring age but have not yet reached the legal age, partying in a club is not possible. However, with a fake ID, you can get easy access to not only numerous age-restricted clubs but drinks as well. Enjoy all the benefits of your phony ID when you can, but also avoid getting into trouble. After all, when life gives you lemons, who has the time to make lemonade when shots are what you want?

2 Thoughts on How To Take a Good Fake ID Photo
    5 Jan 2021

    Do you think any of your top-voted fake id vendors list will accept a photo with a blurry background and alter it? I provided a blueish background photo taken at a Walmart store to but they said they couldn’t accept it…

    10 Feb 2021

    It depends on what state id you need. Mostly new Polycarbonate driving licenses use grey-scale photos and does not have a background. The cardholder’s photo are mostly colorless now. But that can be easily managed by the vendor itself.


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