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Starting Price $50-60 / ID
Founded 2012
Services Novelty IDs
Shipping Location GERMANY
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Fake-ID.com Review: In a Nutshell

People ordering from a fake id site usually have no reassurance about receiving their ID. Among these trends there are a lot of novelty ID sellers and one of them is ‘Fake-id.com’. With people having little knowledge about the difference between fake ids and novelty ids are easily misguided by them into buying novelty ids.

Novelty ids are more like fake badges made to fool your mates rather than a bouncer. These ids are more like creative badges that don’t hold a candle to fake IDs. Fake-id.com are selling nothing short of a joke by telling people how their fake ‘Novelty’ IDs are scannable.

This is a big no-no for someone who is investing in a ‘real’ fake id. But what really is worse than this is how you would only find good reviews about them on their website.  Now, it doesn’t take you to be an Einstein of this generation to know that a website without any bad reviews offering you Novelty IDs is anything but a poor sense of humor.

Fake-ID Review: In Depth

About Fake-ID.com


As far as their motto “WE MAKE BADGES” go, it does not scream success. The review of this specific vendor, and their fake ids by many users in identity-restricted places has not achieved any golden stars. Well it isn’t a surprise since they forget to mention to the people who purchased their novelty ID cards that novelty ID cards are NOT made to be used illegally.

Their quality is MEH at best. These guys advertised their fakes as capable of bypassing club ID scanners, but they are yet to be classified as scannable. People who have tried to enter a club with one of their so-called ‘Fake’ IDs have been caught on the first try.

For something that does not work $45 is a bit too much. Although their prices are reasonable, but the real motive of their service is nowhere to be found. The provider also lacks content on their main page regarding replicas of state IDs or Driver’s License, their location, estimate on tracking or arrival, which makes it less appealing from a customer’s perspective.

This website is nothing more than a well-crafted joke. You can order a Fake ID card via their website by uploading a photo and providing the details that you want to be displayed on your fake ID. The delivery service of Fake-ID.com promises to send the fake ID right to your home.


Add Ons & Terms

  • Novelty IDs – A type of card by Fake-id.com that has no holograms but is a mock of a state ID.
  • Fake Student IDs – These also lack security features but can be used for pranks.



Terms and Guarantees

They have been unfaithful to their customers, proving their unprofessionalism and low-budget forgeries with high uncertainty of scan-ability. You receive your fakes with an unexpected time frame.

No reprint policy at Fake-id.com. You are stuck with what you get.

They stop replying to you once you have paid them. The money is sent and received as you try to track your purchase you will be sending emails, into space with no return.

Fake-ID.com has been on the receiving end of customer complaints for the following reasons

  • They accept Soforte Banking Transfer System for European customers. This has exposed & made limitations to accounts of customers getting their access locked for buying fake ids online.
  • The on-site reviews regarding their Soforte payment system are not reliable.

Fake-id.com has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. While they believe in presenting themselves on social media their performance, however, is less than satisfactory. Considering the lack of information on their pages regarding how they ship your counterfeit IDs, their location, estimate on tracking or arrival.

We all love it, when it comes to our fake ids being shipped to our doorstep. But let’s face it, it’s too good to be true with what they have to offer. It’s not just us, but even the users have complained, has been weeks before they even get anything. You think asking them an update via email would be a wise decision? Guess again, It’s NOT.

Customer Support

Fake-id.com claims to be there, if you need some help and avail their customer service. They are nothing but terrible fake promises because they pretty much go AWOL after receiving the payment. The Live Support Chat is usually controlled by an automated bot service. You won’t find a human support ticket system on their end.


Quality of Support

Average Response Time 48-72 hours
Friendly Response? Slow
Informative Response? Average
Answer all questions? Yes
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form Yes
Live Chat Yes
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

It is already clear from the beginning that this vendor is nothing more than a hard-working scam artist. We recommend that you choose a better site. Fake-ID.com is known for making funny excuses. They might end up telling you that they have cancelled your order, because you look too old. They don’t even send your money back. Comparing them to other fake ID providers, Fake-id.com does not give you the any value for money.


European Countries


Helps with this


Not Applicable


Student IDs Mock Designs


Not Applied


Average Rating

Turnaround Time


Customers are ridiculously disappointed with the quality of support they receive from Fake-id.com. While it may not be top of the line, but when it comes to shipping delays, at least they tell you upfront. Not exactly with words though, they describe it via actions.

Quality of Fake IDs


If you are adamant on buying Fake ID from this particular vendor, you are only asking for disaster and maybe you want to get rid of that extra money you have. You should understand the difference between the fake driver’s license and novelty id vendors.

One thing that this provider does not have is diversity, while the other vendors offer replicas of state IDs or DL Fake-id poses as a novelty fake ID provider. They do not offer more than just a few student ID cards that too with below average quality.

Features Comparison

  • No identification numbers.
  • Missing hologram & UV features.
  • Not comparable to a fake ID.

How to order?

By writing first & last name a form adds an ID card to the card. The next step is to upload a photo or choosing one from their pre-made inventory. Payments are accepted online & there is an option to take Credit cards as well. The only way to contact them is through the email form that they provide. Pray hard enough and you might end up getting a reply after one or two emails.

The regular turnaround time of Fake-id.com is between 1000 and 1500 IDs daily. With such poor numbers, they are still able to fail miserably to deliver those. This results in angry clients lashing out on various review sites and calling them scammers.


ID God doesn’t have a fixed stance on reprints. They might give you reprints if they make a mistake, but you’ll have to notify them within a day of receiving your IDs via email. And if you’re the one behind the mistake? Well, tough luck.

The reprint rates for ID God range somewhere north of 1 or 2 in every batch of 50. Most of the time these happens because of bad prints.

Complaints in 2020
Complaints in 2019
Not Receivable Complaints


When it comes to fake ID people want something that can get the job done, without getting themselves into trouble. While other vendors actually try to make a id, Fake-id.com has yet to evolve to a vendor that can actually send a fake id.

Why would anyone want to spend that kind of money on a Fake id that does not even work? There are some premium fake id makers that charge high for their quality fakes, but they deliver. So why do vendors like this charge that high, when their IDs cannot even fool your friend let alone fooling a bouncer or a scanner. We suggest that if you’re going to enjoy the perks of a counterfeit ID look elsewhere.

How long does Fake-ID.com take to ship?

Fake-id.com doesn’t have much of a shipping policy. They ship their mock-up designs of ids using DHL. It may take a week up to two for your package to arrive.

What kind of fake IDs do Fake-id.com sell?

Fake-id.com does not sell fake IDs that has a working hologram or other security features such as UV, bar code or even a template design of a state ID or driver’s license. They are offering you a fake form of card that is only usable for the purpose of throwing a prank or novelty idea.

Will Fake-id.com offer refunds?

They do not have a clear policy on refunds or reprints.

See Fake-ID.com Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Kelly Reno


Fake-ID.com is possibly the worst online purchase I’ve ever made. I spent $50 on an ID that cannot be compared to any form of identification.

Roy Rivera

This is not what I paid for. They don’t even offer refunds.