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Evolvedids Review: In a Nutshell

The practice of obtaining and using fake IDs have been in the circle for a long time. One of the high selling businesses in this market is by the name “Evolvedids”. Though the name “Evolved Identification” might send you in a dilemma and make it seem as if it were a website to find your lost identification.

But this website offers fake IDs for more than 10 state, where as most of the fake ID websites cover 50 states more or less.  With its slow server and incapability to hold busy online traffic it might make you rethink the decision of trusting this particular vendor for your identification needs.

Evolvedids might have some packages for bundle fake ID that might seem charming they still can’t overpower the competitive market that offers low pricing for the same service and might even get the job done in less amount of time.

Evolvedids Review: In Depth

About Evolvedids


Delivery time is one of the most impatient time for any buyer and when the delivery gets delayed because of a “reason unknown” it spoils the mood.

It was all cool till “Evolved Identification” was operating within the US but since they have started operations from Asia things have been a bit – how can you put it “crappy

While the promises from  of providing IDs have been fulfilled “sooner or later”. There have been some happy and some not so happy buyers.

Features that Lost Identification offers – similar to all the other sellers:

  • Raised text on the front and back
  • Intricate UV design on the front and back
  • Engraved Printing
  • Free duplicate

Where as the not-so-happy customers received the ID on account of It being “extremely thin”. Which all-in-all is the only thing required to tip off most bouncers that your ID is entirely “fake”.

Another promise of the website which they seem to fulfill rather later than sooner is the time it takes for you to receive your ID. The website claims to stay all hush-hush about this. But the words out and you will probably get your ID too, but after the party’s over.

While we get over the fact that they take more or less than a month to deliver you your fake ID there is another and prolly the biggest formality for buyers who are mostly under 18 to check, the “must pay through Bitcoin” formality.

This formality itself is a winner and most definitely will make you stop before you hit the confirm button. Because, let’s face it, not everyone has a Bit-coin account, do they?  These are list of problems even the “Evolvedids” FAQs fail to answer.

Service Plans


After reviewing through the fake ID services from Evolvedids we come across their distribution of fake drivers license. Though they promise to give you all that is needed to hit the road – minus the car.

They couldn’t yet satisfy their customers up to a 100%. Their less than easy website interface makes it harder for young people to find their way to the fake drivers license window.

Where many of the other websites focus on how to make their website user friendly. Evolved Identification has made it harder to obtain any information for them. Considering you have to login to a different website altogether to get any information, you have to register yourself to get any information at all. This quite frankly adds up the paranoia of being scammed.

As many Evolvedids customers have mentioned that they were uncertain about their fake IDs some were surprised when they did receive an ID. So, if you are looking for a user friendly to-the-point website. Evolved may not be for you.

(ARIZONA) (AZ) – VALID (2020) $100
ARKANSAS (AR) – VALID (2020-21) $80
NEW GEORGIA (nGA) – VALID (2020) $100
ILLINOIS (IL) – VALID (5 years) $80
MASSACHUSETTS (MA) – VALID (2020-24) $100
RHODE ISLAND (RI) – VALID (2019-20) $80
TENNESSEE (TN) – VALID (2020) $85
NEVADA (NE) – VALID (2021) $75
ALABAMA (AL) – VALID (2020) $80
KENTUCKY (KE) – VALID (2020) $100
INDIANA (ID) – VALID (2020-21) $100

Add Ons & Terms

Evolvedids seems to be desperate for updating their fake ID templates. They do offer incentives for reselling their products in bulk.

  • Physical Fake ID Designs – EvolvedIDs is offering cash rewards to anyone who sends them a new design of the following state IDs in physical form: TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, MISSOURI, VERMONT. [These IDs will be copied & replicated by their template reading team]



Terms and Guarantees

Every customer likes a guarantee to their investment to help them feel at ease. Evolved Identification however, does no such thing and you never get any confirmation email.

Even after their parcel for you has been deployed there is still an uncertainty that hangs in the air because of the tracking number that was never issued to you. Some customers even mentioned that their IDs where late by 14 days.

If ever you made a mistake while filling out the form? Well, good luck then! Since the website will not let you rectify it, even if you contact customer service immediately after. Which by the looks of it is pretty much non-existent.

Reprint policy? Nada!. You better double- or triple-check and then check once over again before you order.

Evolvedids likes to sticky to cryptocurrency as their main payment option.

As we mentioned before, there are no refunds or reprint policy available, no matter what the reason. At the end of the day, be careful before you give your money that you could be spending on ice-cold drinks.

While some fake ID providers do have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts Evolved Identification believes in none of them or maybe they're just lazy, considering the time they take to actually deliver you an ID.

Promises are meant to be broken, no? Well then get ready to be surprised. The website promises that the fake ID will reach the customer in one to two weeks, depending on the state.

According to user reviews, it can take up to two months. Plus, you will have to wait 14 days till you can contact them about shipping issues.

Customer Support

At Least they make an effort! You get an email address where you can contact customer service if something goes wrong which from what we hear happens a lot. Usually they take 24-72 hours to respond. They ”try “ to answer most, if not all, questions, even if it takes a long time. Evolvedids also has a messaging account on Telegram, Wickr and other platforms to be contacted directly.


Quality of Support

Average Response Time 24-48 hours
Friendly Response? 7-8 days
Informative Response? Slow
Answer all questions? Moderate
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form No
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

Oldie but a goodie does not apply to Evolved. All those years of services are finally catching up to them. Comparing them to other fake ID providers, Evolved IDs does not give you the best value for money and does not seem entirely safe.

After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a dud that does not work. The only way to contact the people at this company is through the email they provide and if you’re lucky you might see their representatives active on their forums.


Not Applicable


Helps with this


Helps with this


Not Applicable


Helps with this


Moderate Rating

Turnaround Time

While the regular turnaround time of Lost Identification is usually between 1000 and 1500 IDs daily. You might never get to hear a “success story” from most.

Quality of Fake IDs


It’s like a mixed bag m&ms when it comes to the quality of the fake IDs from Lost Identification. If you pray hard enough you might pick the color you like. To admire the hard-work of their staff would be an understatement.

The templates are not to the mark. Our research concludes that Evolvedids uses software-based templates for their fake driver licenses. They have not harvested the features off a real physical license. They might not even have seen one in person.

One thing that this provider does not have is consistency, so you might get a fake ID with everything you desire or you might get one that may break at one bend. Who knows?

  • Rotatable Text Missing
  • Irregular Curled Credentials
  • Licenses with Birth Year & Name Initials Format Error
  • No OVD Windows
  • Missing UV
  • Texture of Heading

How to order?

Evovlvedids has a complex platform. There is no visible order form. Customers will be asked to register and logging in prior to submitting fake id information.

There are no detailed features about any of the state IDs. So unless you know what you are getting they won’t reveal much data about the security functions of the licenses. Once you login, a form will be visible.

The form asks for all the vital data to make your id. Filling the info and submitting reveals an order number which can be used in future references.


Zilch, Evolved does not do any reprints. It will only even think of doing it if the mistake is from its side and if you press hard enough.

Evolvedids Reprint Complaints by Year

  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


Evolved Identification may not be the best choice when it comes to buying a counterfeit ID, but it is a choice if you’re stuck with it. Although, you can find many other better options that will provide you with a quality fake ID with quick service.

The vendor has a long way to go before it can compete with the big fake ID sharks again. All we can say to you is that “choose wisely”.

See Evolvedids Customer Reviews & Testimonials


New Jersey ID has a missing hologram. I contacted evolvedids multiple times but they won’t respond after getting paid. Epic fail!


Charged me $100 for this ID. It doesn’t scan!

One Thought on Evolvedids Reviews
    6 Jan 2021

    The vendor is non-responsive for the past 2 months… My Id has a wrong Date of Birth & non-working hologram. My order number is #102910 please help me ?


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