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BogusBraxtor Review: In a Nutshell

One of the only things that stand out when you visit BogusBraxtor is that it offers scannable IDs. This means that no matter which ID you order, once scanned, it will give details about you.

However, many reviews claim that the information that comes is stolen and sometimes, it’s incorrect. Rarely is it actually what the client provided.

The website is very basic, which provides some information but is not very helpful. When you try to check the IDs or get into the details, you are required to log in, which can be a hassle when you are just browsing through and don’t want to give out your information just yet.

The overall look and feel of the company and website is not very appealing. BogusBraxtor is something you should only look into if you plan on wasting your money.

BoguxBraxtor Review: In Depth

About BogusBraxtor


We believe that the company is based in America — the domain (which was created in 2010) is registered in California. Hence, if you order from this website, the ID will be shipped to you from within America.

BogusBraxtor allows you to make payments via cryptocurrency, which we would suggest you use as it allows you to keep your identity and other details hidden. It offers other payment options as well, but we do not prefer them.

It offers fake IDs of 25-30 states of the US and about 2 or 3 variations of each one, so you have a wider variety to choose from. You even have the option of ordering IDs of other countries (such as Canada, Australia, and UK), so if you plan on partying there, you can take a fake ID with you and get access to some great clubs, bars and restaurants.

However, the options for other countries are limited. For Canada, you can only get a fake for British Columbia and Ontario, while you will be able to get a fake driver’s license for Australia, UK and North Ireland. Most of the options available on the website are a driver’s license.

If you plan on going to any place in the US, it is best you use a fake ID of another country. We say this because bouncers here know the ID of their state very well, but they will not be able to identify country’s ID.

There are many positive reviews about the company on its website, but when we searched the internet, the reality turned out to be quite the opposite. While the reviews on the website are positive, we mostly found negative ones online. Not many people are happy with the fake IDs they received after they placed their orders. The quality was extremely low, and the main problem was what we have already mentioned above.

Many bouncers tend to check the information on the ID with another identification and if they do not match, they know you are using a fake. What is the use of it all if you don’t get the fake ID you ordered? You won’t be able to get all the booze you want. In fact, you could end up going to jail.

Plus, the price that you have to pay for these IDs is much more than what the competitors offer (and they even provide better quality). The price range starts from $100 and goes up to $120. Even though you get good group discounts, it is still a lot of money to pay for a low-quality fake ID.

Service Plans


Bogusbraxtor has a basic pricing structure for their counterfeit ids. They offer considerable discounts on licenses for the US category. The company has a tad higher pricing for forgeries of UK & other countries like Canadian IDs.

There are no detailed service plans that the company offers. You will find some information about placing orders on the website and you can place orders for different IDs, but there isn’t anything more that you can get.

(WEST VIRGINIA) (WV) – VALID (2020) $80
NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH) – VALID (2020-21) $80
NEW IOWA (nIA) – VALID (2020) $90
IDAHO (ID) – VALID (5 years) $80
DELAWARE (DE) – VALID (2020-24) $100
COLORADO (CO) – VALID (2019-20) $80
WYOMING  (WY) – VALID (2020) $85
LOUISIANA (LO) – VALID (2021) $85
ALASKA (AK) – VALID (2020) $85
KENTUCKY (KE) – VALID (2020) $90
INDIANA (ID) – VALID (2020-21) $80

Add Ons & Terms

Bogusbraxtor does not offer any potential addons. It does have a reselling system which is a subscription period that has rewards and other perks.

  • Fake ID Reselling Status – Bogusbraxtor offers a chance to make viable profits by reselling their fake driver’s licenses. They slash their prices up to 50% if you can bring them a business of 100 or more fake IDs per month.



Terms and Guarantees

The website does not have any proper terms and guarantees and neither are they mentioned anywhere on the internet. However, there is a small FAQ section which can be a little helpful. Some more details we found are below.

Bogusbraxtor does not keep a very high-profile reputation on third-party review platforms. They do not have any reviews on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. The data for their reprints is inaccessible. We have calculated their reprint instances in the past based on Reddit's /r/fakeid complaint center.

BogusBraxtor offers different payment methods which include Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards, cryptocurrency, Western Union, and Paypal.

The company does not take any liability if you make a wrong payment or if the payment does not reach it. You will need to make the transaction all over again.

BogusBraxtor does not have any social media presence on any platform. Even if you do find someone with the same name on social media, we are sure that it does not belong to this company.

The order gets processed within a week, and the company claims that it ships out the fake ID within 2 or 3 weeks of order placement.

Whether the shipment reaches you or not, the company does not take any responsibility. It will let you know once the order has been shipped, and that’s it. It does not even disguise the fake properly, so there are chances of it getting caught.

Customer Support

There isn’t much relevant information present on the website to help you answer all your questions and neither is there any direct way of getting in touch with a representative. The only thing available is an email ID, but most of the times, you will not get an answer or get an answer very late. Overall, the customer support is not great.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time 24-48 hours
Friendly Response? 7-8 days
Informative Response? Slow
Answer all questions? Moderate
Answers already on website? No

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form No
Live Chat No
Email Address Yes
Phone Number No
Mailing Address No

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

From what we have researched, BogusBraxtor is not very reliable and does not provide good fakes. Even though it claims that it makes scannable ID cards, the quality is very poor and the information sometimes does not fit, so it’s basically useless.

We would suggest that you choose another vendor as they would offer better fake IDs at a cheaper price. Its pricing does not justify what you get. Even though it offers a wide range, it is best not to waste money here as you do not know the quality of fake ID you will get. Most of the reviews online back up the claims we have just made.


Not Applicable


Helps with this


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Helps with this


Moderate Rating

Turnaround Time

Even though it does not have such a great reputation, BogusBraxtor gets about 1500 to 2500 orders on a daily basis. In about a week’s time, it averages about 20,000 orders.

Quality of Fake IDs


As we mentioned before, the quality of its fakes is not great. The holograms are bright, but they start peeling off soon. The UV is not good enough, and the scannability is questionable. The materials used for the ID are poor, and the colors are off most of the time. Sometimes, the fake IDs clearly look photoshopped. We would give their products 4 out of 10, quality-wise.

  • Distorted Microprinting
  • Incompetent Blurry Photo Editing
  • Dark Blue Background
  • Inconsistent Ultraviolet Printing
  • Cheaper Laminates
  • Poor Color-matching

How to order?

Bogusbraxtor has a sophisticated order form. Payments are taken in advance and customers are asked to fill vital ID information such as hair, height, weight etc.

It also accepts fake ID orders by mail. They do not have the ability to confirm your orders via mailing. You are also not allowed to edit any mistakes or corrections after submission. These issues have made it impossible for their customers to leave good feedback.


The company does not offer any reprints, the reprint complaint rate has sky-rocketed in the past few years, which is messed up considering that people trust it enough to place orders on the website.

BogusBraxtor Reprint Complaints by Year

  • 2019 Reprint Instances
  • 2020 Reprint Instances
  • Reprint Complaints in 2021


There are better options out there for you where you can get good quality for a lower price. BogusBraxtor is not reliable and does not take any responsibility for any mistakes it may make. The company advertises up-to-date DMV designs on fake ID portfolios.

On the contrary, the IDs sent to customers are outdated. For instance, a person who orders a Colorado ID receives a pre-2018 design but Bogusbraxtor has a 2020 design on their platform.

There is a major contradiction between what the website claims and the reviews you will find on the internet. It is best not to take a risk investing your time and money in a company that does not care very much about its customers. You can simply take your business elsewhere.

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My Colorado ID is outdated. I asked them for a refund or reprint I didn’t get either! I want my money back!


This will never work for a person with 21 years of age. Massachusetts license was changed and they gave me this outdated crap with today’s issue date!