All About Ohio Fake IDs in 2020

The fake ID card makers have surpassed every security feature the government has introduced in the ID card over the years. In an attempt to strengthen the license/ ID cards, Ohio state has released a new id card and drivers’ license in 2020.

According to state law, there will be two types of ID cards and driver’s licenses. 

1. Standard Ohio ID Card

These cards will be the same as the old ID cards and licenses. However, to renew cards, an Ohio resident will have to go to the deputy registrar and show them proof of their legal name, date of birth, and social security number. This card will only last until October 2021, after which you will have to get the compliant ID card.

2. Ohio Real Compliant ID Card

There is only one difference between the standard and compliant card. It is the presence of a black ‘star’ symbol. The compliant card will have that star and Ohio map in the upper left corner of the card. Getting the compliant card is slightly more complicated because an Ohio resident will have to show much more detailed documents about himself/herself. The documentation required is as follows 

  • US passport
  • Birth certificate 
  • Social security number 
  • Utility bills 
  • Bank statements and many other things

The compliant card will also be considered a national id card from Oct 2020. If any Ohio resident wants to access a federal building or board a flight, they will need this card. 

To ensure the safety of this card. The id/license card will not be given to the resident at the spot as they were previously. Instead, the resident will be given a permit document, which will have a 45-day validity. It will have all the information that a standard id card would have. The new identification cards will be mailed to the resident within ten days.

Custom Security Features of Ohio Fake ID

The security features on the Ohio ID card (2020) have been updated. These updates will help spot fake ids in Ohio and end the counterfeit ID cards business in Ohio. 

Here are some of the security features of the Ohio Driver’s license as described by various vendors from our best fake ID websites list of 2020.

1. Five layers of Polycarbonate

The new license has five layers of polycarbonate gelled together. To counterfeit polycarbonate cards, the fake card making companies will have to raise the price of the cards as their cost price will rise. With this, there is hope that teenagers will be hesitant to invest a considerable amount of money in a card that they will use for just a few years.

2. Data

Previously card holder’s data was embedded onto the magnetic stripe on the back of the id card. This would help the notary confirm that the person holding the card wasn’t a fluke.

However, fake id card makers easily replicated this security feature, and spotting a fake id card with machines was impossible. The card holder’s data has been engraved across multiple layers of the card in the new Ohio card.  This action is intended to make this problematic for phony card producers. 

3. Photographs on Ohio licenses

The new ID card will have a black and white photograph, which will be engraved onto the card using laser technology. This will hopefully stop attempts of card tampering or make them unsuccessful.  

Instead of having a hologram of a sign, words, or stamp.  On the OHIO id 2020, there is a secondary black and white photo of the cardholder, which will be perceptible when the card is tilted.

On the inverse side of the card, there is a colored photograph of the cardholder. The pictures have been taken using the highest quality cameras; hence, there is no doubt of the pictures’ accuracy. 

4. Special Printing Techniques

When the card is put under UV light, the notary will be able to see blue letters showing OHIO-1803 and the Ohio state seal. 

The cards are being made by a local facility in America called Veridos America. The card’s security features have been enhanced, but the price of the cards will remain the same. 

BMV Director Don Petit, while talking to the media, said, “The residents won’t have to pay more. The cost of the cards will remain the same as before, which was $25. 

Keeping in view the Covid-19 pandemic, the license issuance date has been pushed a year ahead. 

Driver’s licenses are an essential part of a country. They are not just a license to drive motor cars but also a means of identification that gives a person absolute liberation in the state. Having an id card that cannot be counterfeited is essential; hopefully, BMV OHIO’s effort to end fake id cards will be successful.   

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